Galaxy Shopping Center

Digital Water Curtain in Galaxy Shopping Center

Long at 133meters,It is the largest water curtain in the world.

Location:Tianjin Galaxy International Shopping Center

The shopping mall water curtain and water fountain project consists of 4 performance systems and 2 water treatment systems, namely:
1) Graphic Water curtain performance system: long at 133 meters , with a total number of 5,504 nozzle,8 centrifugal pumps and  total installed power is 260KW.
The digital controlled graphic water curtain can form and print graphics, text and words.

2) Water cascade: it is in the same performance area as the water curtain system, with a total length of 133 meters and a total installed power of 190KW.The falling water system can cooperate with the curtain system to perform.
3)jumping fountain system: totally 48 sets of jumping jets fountain locate in a large underground pool on the first floor. 
4) Outdoor waterfall waterscape system:long at 54 meters and high at 6.4 meters,togethor with 7 sets of ice-tree shape water fountains and 42 sets of surge fountains.The total installed power is about 100KW.
5) Water treatment system