Huafa Shopping Zone

3D Dancing Musical Fountain for Shopping Zone
Accompanied by beautiful music, spectacular fountains, colorful lights, zhuhai first large music fountain will present in huafa new world.Large-scale music fountain, jet height 15 storeys, the transverse stretching 100 meters, with 156 water-jet combination, with the changing of music melody rhythm, through computer program-controlled nozzle from the perspective of different azimuth and spraying a whole different heights of water droplets, changing out of a variety of forms, reflects the connotation of music and music theme, is like a dance, colorful, colorful.

The night is too beautiful!Every night, the whole stage meeting new large music fountain performance as the theme, the organic combination of music and the water, light, electricity, ever-changing fountain modelling, wonderful changeful music melody, the guests on the river to bring an unprecedented top visual feast, and a strong shock the heart.In the evening breeze fountain of water mist, suffused with the venue, bring a lot of festive atmosphere.No field experience, let us use pictures to show her beauty first!