Mandarin-Duck Lake Park

120-meter Musical Dancing Fountain & Laser show on Mandarin Duck Lake

This is another famous 3D multi-directional dancing musical fountain show designed and constructed by Sino-Horizon, with the application of latest fountain controlling and programming technology;The experts from Waterscape Committee Construction Metal Structure Association of China has confirmed that Beijing Sino-Horizon Technology Development Co., Ltd. Pushes the fountain industry to a new level.

Fountain size: 120 meters long, 15meters wide floating in lake.

Fountain type: floating fountain, musical dancing programmed, synchronized with music, water screen,laser,fire shows, lighting shows,etc.

Location:Yuanyang lake,Guangdong Province,China

Fountain shapes: there are thousands of water jets in total,and 50% of them are most fashionable 360 degree digital moving jets,the highest one spray 68meters;created hundred types of unique 3 dimensional water shapes.